Name: Lauren Babich Date: 2009-12-20 19:13:34
Subject:shidduch boy
How do I meet a nice Jewish boy?
A good match comes from much prayer and faith

Name: Nishant Joshi Date: 2009-12-19 10:04:05
Subject:love hurts
I am a very practical & strong person. But now a days i feel my whole life is gone. I have lost the control of my life. I loved a girl from muslim community from last 8 years. She also loved me but somewhere we went week & she got married 3 days back to some other guy in her community. Now i feel like suicidal & feel like dying as i dont feel i can live a normal life without her.

It is okay to love someone even if in the end you are not together. Every match even small conversation between two people happens for a reason. You have to hold on tight to the roller coaster of life and just hang in there, know that Hashem has something better in plan for you.

Name: Julian Gregory Date: 2009-03-16 15:45:02
Subject:thank you
would be where would i find the scriptures or books of the benie noach and is there a place of study around major cities.
Beni noach is a up and growing movement. Check your local chabad center if they are involved in any activities with this. See my website, and get involved in the movement. A bnei noach is supposed to learn that which pertains to his 7 mitzvos and not study the rest of Torah.

Name: carole darg Date: 2008-10-21 10:32:59
Hello my son is marrying a jewish orthodox girl in one month - as the groom's Mother and divorced from his father how should I behave what to expect and what should i wear - I have a long green gown for the occastion i hope that will be acceptable = thanks carole
I think most mothers walking into the orthdox wedding of their first child are all in the same shoes. There is really nothing to worry about, the Rabbi always points you in the right direction. As far as the gown, make sure that the colar is high and that the sleaves are past the elbow and you are set to go.

Name: Marty Buss Date: 2008-10-11 20:08:59
Reb Moshe A close friend has hurt me deeply by spreading terrible lies about me and i was wondering if there is a Hebrew prayer that i can say for him. I wish Hashem can heal our friendship of 10 years. Many blessings and toda robah
Most of the psalms are about King David in a situation where people were spreading lies and trying to hurt him. We have to find ourselves in the Psalms and when we do, they come back to life. Say many Psalms of your choice and put yourself inside them.

Name: Jochebed pospelov Date: 2008-09-15 13:22:53
Subject:jewish weddings
hi reb. i am a fellow jew:) i was wondering if you could help me. i want to get married to the most beautiful jew alive and i would like to know how. can you please tell me how?
Learn to appreciate people for their real beauty and inner strength and then you will marry the most beautiful person alive. All charm and grace is vain and wears away over time but a person is is genuin, their beauty lasts forever.

Name: Art Miller Date: 2008-08-18 22:18:35
Subject:Gay Marriage
Reb, what are your views on gay marriage & why there are many homosexuals coming out today?


Judaism strictly forbids this. My views on homosexuality is that most people are pulled in this way not because of genes but because of broken homes. Either the father or mother not really being there for them and sometimes a traumatic experience with the opposite sex. Also because of the influences of Hollywood. I have seen plenty of people who thought they were homosexual live healthy straight lives after dealing with childhood troubles which caused them to think they need to rely upon a same sex friend in a physical way when in the end, with self confidence & understanding, they rose above this to have a healthy family life.

Name: Paul Chipkin Date: 2008-08-14 23:49:36
Is my MySpace site "unkosher?" Do you advise your readers to stay away, even from such "G-d inspired writings" because you do not feel comfortable endorsing it with your rabbinacle authority?
I try to keep my Jewish outreach work on myspace separate from my ilovetorah work. There are things myspace allows, which I complained to them about, that nobody, Jew or non-Jew should be exposed to. Especially the children. I am shocked at what they allow. Therefore, I don't promote my followers to go there but if they are already there, I try to take care of them lifting myspace with Torah & Judaism (which I see you also do). We have over 14,000 myspace followers today.

Name: Paul Chipkin Date: 2008-08-13 20:36:05
Is one "religious" only by orthodox jewish definitions?
Or is a sincere love of, and devotion to, G-d enough?
A person is religious by trying keeping Shabbos & Kosher.

Name: Paul Chipkin Date: 2008-08-11 13:03:27
Is this the serious problem, in the Orthodox community, that I see it as---that only those prescribing to approved-formula Judaism are taken seriously---the rest of the world is dishonored and "avoided like the plague?"
Well it is a two way street this problem, orthodox are also treated like extreme crazy people and avoided. In the orthodox circles, many reasons for the lack of good communication with non-religious is simply due to their lack of experience and education in different communication skills. There is also a lack of understanding & respect both ways. Way too many stereotypes as well. This is a problem that should be addressed by all movements of Judaism. It is one of my own personal goals to prove these steriotypes wrong but at the same time, many people are only human and do fit into these catagories. Probably because they are too afraid to be themselves.

Name: karen robinson Date: 2008-07-17 17:41:30
What is your suggestion for a single woman who would maybe like to have a relationship, but not get married at this time. I want companionship, without having to violate Torah. Meeting people is a challenge. Do you have any advice?
In Torah, we believe in not putting a stumbling block before other Jews or ourselves. To date for companionship usually harms one of the individuals involved and can lead to sinful activity. Dating is and should be taken very seriously. If it isn't the right time then better to just pursue friendships that are clearly nothing more. In the orthodox circles, we would advise close friendships to be with members of the same sex in order not to accidentally be tempted to violate any negative commandments unless this relationship has future marriage possibilities.

Name: sarah . Date: 2008-06-06 04:04:50
Subject:Can I marry a Jew?
I am dating a Jewish man and I want to know if it is okay to marry him.
You might but you are not his bashert as he is supposed to marry another Jew as otherwise, he will nott have jewish children and carry on tradition from his blood which is for generations. It is said in the Talmud, our most sacred work that G-D chooses the match before he sends the Jewish soul down. I don't want to be rude but this is what we believe and i have never met a Jewish man or women who married outside ever be TRUELY happy in life. Sometimes love is blinding but part of being married to someone is having the same religious goals and beliefs. If this isn't the foundation, then what is?

Name: Dan Rab Date: 2008-05-16 05:18:06
Subject:gay and Judaism
dear reb i come from a jewish family we are not the most religious people in the world but i no that if i tell my parents i am gay they will not accept me for me and say it is against religion and probably neva speak to me again is there any advise you can give me ??
Well, without a question today majority of people who are considering themselves gay are having this tendency do to the openness in society towards gays. In fact, in order to sell movies and tv shows, they portray gay couples more and more in Hollywood. As teens and people see this on a regular basis, it starts to become normal. I truly believe (& have seen) without a question that having gay thoughts is something that can be controlled through studying Torah and practicing Judaism and watching less of Hollywood. In your case, I would just ask you to reconsider if this is just outside thoughts trying to keep you from living a happy life. There is no question that people who have this test in life are from very holy souls, special souls that the Satan wants to keep away from Torah and a pure life. My heart goes out to your suffering and internal battles. If you persevere, I am sure that you will see that you are one of the holy ones of Hashem that was given this test only that your soul would be one of the greats of Israel. As far as the question at hand, I think that nobody has the right to judge anyone and parents love for their children should never be blocked by anything. Just as my love for you as a fellow Jew, has no bounds and I would do anything to bring you a good life.

Name: Samuel Frowen Date: 2008-05-10 21:19:55
The problem is that i am english and i live in wales and i find it hard to get a girlfriend, so i get peoples girlfriends to finish them. So would you be able to help find a girlfriend so i dont have to worry about anyone else..
A girlfriend is someone to pass time with. Ones basheret is someone to grow with together and become better people. You should check out my shidduchim website, and see if your basheret might be hiding there. I wish you to find her very soon my friend!

Name: Jen Kalani Date: 2008-04-08 22:33:19
Subject:need divorce?
My boyfriend became much more spiritual and observant within the last year. He was married many years ago but not legally. He parted from his exwife more than 10 years ago. It was not a Jewish wedding nor one that in my opinion had the proper vows. Does he need a divorce? What kind? Or was this like having a girlfriend, in Hashem's eyes?

Thank you for caring about us far away .
It sounds like he would need a divorce (get) if she was Jewish. This is a question that should be possed to a Rabbi who specializes in giving Gets. It is actually something that most Rabbis do not know so well and is usually handled by Bais Din, Jewish Court. If you need help to find a specialists in gets, let me know.

Name: Oren Toriel Date: 2008-04-04 06:48:54
Subject:missing ring
Hey Rabby,
A female co-worker has found a ring of a married lady.
For not losing it before returnig to the lady she wore it. The co-worker is also married.
A question arose - is that a problem? wearing a wedding ring of someone else???

Thank you for your time.
Shabat Shalom
Best of Health and Wealth,
People think that if you don't' wear your wedding ring, it is a symbol that you don't care about your spouse and put them first. This really isn't true. The ring doesn't really have such an effect. It is simply a symbol of the dedication and love a couple has to one another. Putting on someone else's ring isn't a problem. I just hope in the end, she returned it quickly. It isn't fun knowing you lost something that has intrinsic value.

Name: Jerry Parker Date: 2008-04-03 21:14:17
Subject:My wife and conversion
Dear Reb Moshe,
When i married my wife about 5 yrs ago I was not observant at all. Now I have found the light of Hashem. My wife is not Jewish and has begrudgingly "gone along " with my transformation. I really wish she would study enough Torah to Want to convert. She hasn't. The more observant I become the less patience she has. "you're not the man I married." I am a better man. It seems we have this distance between us. I love her with all my heart and do not want to lose her. How can I convince her that being Jewish is as cool and rewarding as I say it is? Can we continue to live like this, with this riff between us?

According to Jewish Law, you are not married as she is not Jewish and it was not a permitted marriage. When we convert people, we Never push them into seeing the light of Judaism, it is something they have to come to themselves. If you continue on this avenue with her, you will only hurt each other. In the end, you will no longer be observant at all. You really should think about the importance of marriage and everything in life being only for Hashem and to bring forth light to the world. Sometimes if you love someone enough, you have to let them go. Especially when the relationship doesn't lead to healthy things or self growth.

Name: Shira Blum Date: 2008-04-01 06:01:38
Subject:Who is greater?
sometimes I feel as though no matter how great a woman is; as soon as her husband comes HE is the greater one.
You should think of your husband as the greater one and he should think of you as the greater one. When you are both together in shalom, then you are each great. When you think you are great without the other, then you are nothing.

those whom he loves the most, he wants to draw closer to him. When everything is always working out, people forget Hashem but only his true servents he wants near. When things are hard we pray more and look to Him. We also don't know the true meaning behind things. What appears bad to us here is not always really bad when seen from the Devine purpose.

Name: Simi t Date: 2008-03-18 18:07:46
Subject:Arab Jews Conflict
What is the solution to the Arab & Jewish Conflict?
The greatest tool Hashem gave us to win battles and make peace is our lips. We must increase our pray and look more to Hashem in our lives.

Name: Shmuel Aharon . Date: 2007-11-23 08:21:26
Subject:thinking of divorce, the Shechinah as women
Counceling doesn't seem to help our marriage and I am thinking of divorce.
you have to understand, a woman represents the Shechinah. She has to be
elevated buy the man. If you turn your back on her, you turn it on the
Shechinah. Hashem trusted you with the Shechinah here, he knows that she is
in pain and hard for a man to understand but a person has to totally nulify
themselves to elevate her. She is no different then another you would marry.
The gemarah says, there is no comparison to a man's first wife. Meaning, if
he remarries she will be worse. There aren't enough reasons here to get rid
of her like you are thinking. You should seek out a better marriage
councelers and try harder to be a humble person to her. The letter was a few
months already, time to forget it and move on from the letter. Obviously she
shouldn't have written it, if i asked her, I am sure she would agree but she
was in pain and confused at the time.

Why is it so hard for even 2 weeks to take anything she dishes out? Why
can't you just let all go and keep the pain inside. As soon as you do that,
it starts her reversal. Woman are naturally givers, all you need to do is
give first and they can't stop.

Name: jossi . Date: 2007-11-23 07:26:59
Subject:Always fighting
We are always fighting and she has to be right and win about everything. What do you advise?
Marriage takes work, it takes a bittle person. If you were bittle to her
mood swings, eventually they will disapear and she will become bittle to
you. The man always has to take the first step with being bittle, nothing.
Tell her she is right, agree with her more. Show her how sensitive you can
be. Show her that you are not a fighter no matter what.
The Chofetz Chaim once made a succah in a spot that he desired and after he
put up the scach and his decorations, she made him take it down. He was so
upset but he kept it to himself, took apart the entire sukkah and put it
where she had wanted it.
When this lady says no and pushes you away, it is because she truly inside
wants you near to her but she can't say it.

Name: Alexander . Date: 2007-11-23 06:40:08
Do you think if my marriage isn't going well we should separate for a while?
No, separation meams both of you will be talking to family and friends about your problems instead of one another. Things which are really minor you will both be overthinking in absense of each other and escallating all problems beyond their true level. It is best to seek counceling and try to pull closer rather then further away.

Name: Reuvain . Date: 2007-11-23 06:28:10
Subject:attraction lost
It's an important issue for us because I'm not attracted to her anymore
> which makes her unhappy and me unhappy.
When all the anger from you and her subsides it will come back again

Name: kalman . Date: 2007-11-23 06:17:07
Subject:Marriage Trust
My wife doesn't feel I trust her.

This woman should believe that you trust her completely, that you care, that
you love her even if its all a lie for now. She can't change also if she
feels little trust and that you don't care about her. Once she feels this,
she will start to give in the relationship.

Name: simcha . Date: 2007-11-23 05:32:57
Subject:should i save my marriage
My marriage seems to be on its last legs. What should I do?
ask her to try counceling again with your rabbi or someone in community.
Tell her sweet things and give her nicer gift that she would never expect
that she would like. Just know that if you have to walk away from this
marriage, you personally have done everything you could to save it.

Name: Nathan . Date: 2007-11-20 08:09:40
Subject:Can't let go
Unfortunately, I did not heed your advice and I stayed her friend for a
while. And I am in gehinam right now. The pain is
killing me making me wish she were my wife.
The more time I spend with her the more I realize that she and I are made for each other. Again, if you rememeber, she told me she is not interested in dating me.
you must leave her and say goodbye and not be her friend. You must trust in Hashem that he makes the match and you did your best with her. She will make you bleed and never stop, she loves the attention. You can do better then her. enough, let her go

Name: shalom . Date: 2007-11-20 04:53:23
Subject:shadchanim don't understand
Hello Rav Moshe,
Rav Elimelech Lepon suggested I contact you. I am Baal Teshuva Breslov.
I don\'t dress in Hasidic clothes. I think there are plenty of people out
there like me, however, I have found it almost impossible to find a
shadchan(s). Every shadchan I\'ve come across is either straightup Haredi or Dati-Leumi. The Haredim I\'ve been to call Breslov a \"questionable Hashkafa\" and the Dati Leumi people are not really shayach. However, if I go to a Hasidic shadchan they want me to dress Hasidic. I don\'t have anything against Hasidim, but I don\'t feel comfortable with that, since that\'s really not me. So what does someone in
my situation do? There are more and more Baalei Tshuva today who are in this sort of situation who don\'t know what to do. Can you help or do you know of anyone who can help?
Thanks and Shabbat Shalom,
Just be yourself cause that is what shidduchim is all about. The right
shadchan, the right person will get you. Emunah is your strength

Name: Boruch . Date: 2007-11-20 04:06:12
Subject:divorced, want to go back
I just got a divorce but I still want to get back

together though she doesn't.
as long as your heart is with her, you will not

be able to meet your second
bashert, you have to let her go in your heart to

make room for new

Name: Levi` . Date: 2007-11-19 04:32:06
Subject:bais din
Do you have any knowledge of the Bais Din?
it is always best to avoid unless absolute emergency when it comes to a dispute with another Jew, one should always try to just make peace on ones own and not escalate matters.

Name: Yoni . Date: 2007-11-19 04:01:01
Subject:convert dating
I am a convert. I grew up a Catholic. I am

seeing a lovely Jewish girl here,

although I made the decision to convert before we

began dating. However, in spite of our having

been together for over a year now, she has not

yet informed her parents of our relationship.

She is afraid that they will disown her for

seeing a gentile, even though I am a convert. To

be frank, I am more religious than she is, as I

keep orthodox kosher and I walk on Shabbus, I

study Torah daily, and I'm trying to learn

Hebrew. I have even re-introduced her to

lighting candles on Shabbus and to Havdallah.

She is now Reform, but was born and grew up

Orthodox in South Africa.

Reb. Moshe, please help me to understand why I am

still seen as less than a frum Jew when I have

found my connection to spirituality that was

lacking in Catholicism. While I have read about

the ideal of Jewish people hood, I feel that I am

being adopted into that people. My children will

be Jews, and my grandchildren will be Jews.

Most of all, Reb. Moshe, I feel that I am being

cut out of our family life, and I am causing my

beloved to lie to her family to keep the peace.

I don't know what else to do or say. She will

not let me meet her parents yet, and keeps saying

"soon, not yet" when I bring the subject up.

Perhaps I should be writing to "Dear Abbey", but

I feel comfortable asking you this, as it

involves my developing Judaism, and the role of

the convert in American Judaism.

Thank you for any light you can shed on this,

Reb. Moshe.

if it is done carefully, why can't she just tell

them she is dating a jewish man and not mention

you converted at first unless asked. I really

don't think this will be a big deal in the end.

Name: vince . Date: 2007-11-18 08:55:28
Subject:marrying a goy, friend
I am marrying a goy and I still want to be

friends with you and ask for advice. I wish you

to come to my wedding.
I don't think you would want me at the wedding,

id be the one when they
>> ask
>> if anyone rejects this idea, screaming I I I

by the way, you could marry a islamic terririst

and i would still be your
friend forever:)

Name: jason . Date: 2007-11-18 08:09:22
Subject:do i stitll love her
I have been living with my gf who is pregnant for
8months now. We are having many problems and I
dont' feel like I used to about her.
By living together in this way for so long, you
created the intimate problems you have now. It is
not good to be too pysically close before marriage.

Name: tzippy . Date: 2007-11-18 07:39:05
Subject:fighting my friend
My best friend and I have been getting into many fights lately.
patiently look for solution without fighting. Anger and fighting is bad for both of you. Seek peace and persue it.

Name: Ari . Date: 2007-11-18 07:04:00
Subject:find me her
Reb Moshe, I just enrolled in a class for Jewish

singles that is being conducted by Rav Doron

Kornbluth. Please pray for me that I will meet my

bashert in the coming weeks as I attend this 4-

part series of Jewish education through Torah

entitled "Why Marry Jewish."
just have emunah in Hashem and you will find her

Name: Yonason . Date: 2007-11-18 05:49:00
Subject:Family and business
I'm having problems with my family, and also a

lot problems with my bussines...

uy, Hashem yirachaim! Rebbe Nachman says that a

person opens many doors for themselves by simply

remaining quiet when insulted

Name: Vince . Date: 2007-11-18 05:05:02
Subject:Engaged, she isn't Jewish
Engaged to a non jewish girl
1. do you think this person would be a good

mother for your children
2. do you feel you can grow spiritually with this

3. are you attracted to this person

I can answer the first two for you. Since Judaism

is only passed on from the
mothers side, it will now have to end with you.

Your grandparents and
greatgrandparents who gave their life for our

religion, it will end here.
The store, the job, the car, nothing has any true

meaning without Hashem
being first.

Name: meir . Date: 2007-11-18 00:55:26
Subject:I like her?
I have been friends with a girl I like for 10

years but she isn't interested in dating me. What

should I do?

this has been in the back of your mind for 10

years, tell her how you feel
and be done with it. If she agrees, fine, if not,

don't write her anymore.
Girls like attention, don't let her use you for

this. She could be keeping
you from meeting the right one by doing it this

way. Your feelings and
attechment to her block the next one from coming

if it is someone else.

Name: David . Date: 2007-11-18 00:22:50
Please pray that I would find my shidduch,
because I am a 19 year old Jew
and I want to start a family (Be\'H)that
follows b\'derech haTorah, since
I was not so fortunate to have been raised in
such a family. A Dank.
Get involved in a local chesed and you might meet
her through this.
Hashem should help you!

Name: Levi . Date: 2007-11-18 00:18:35
Subject:Come Soul Mate
Please bless me that: my soul mate will come into
my life. and that i will have enough substance to share with others.
Believe that everything you ask for comes
directly from Hashem, not through
man or any physical being or angel. Hashem
directly gives, through this
belief, you will see all these doors open for
you. I bless you that you should know Hashem in this way.

Name: soulmate . Date: 2007-11-17 22:24:03
I am having trouble finding my bashert
Hashem will help that threw simcha & emunah, all

this will get better. May
Hashem answer your tefilos and be close to you

Name: private private Date: 2007-11-17 18:49:12
Subject:marriage & Hashem
Please, pray for me in order to overcome my Yetzer
Hara. Help me to do not get under depression.
I'm facing problems in my marriage and do not want
to fall in any kind of depression which could lead me to sin
against HaShem.
Ps: I yrully grateful for your advices and enlightenment.
May HaShem bless you along your extraordinary work.
The only reason why you are having the marriage problem could be in order to re-assure Hashem that no matter what, You will
serve Him. Nobody can interfere on the great relationship with Hashem.
We also in marriage sometimes have to be bittle
upon bittle (think of ourselves as nothing)

Name: Moishe . Date: 2007-11-17 18:28:30
I am dating someone and there are things that I don't really like about this person which I am hoping will change later down the road.
remember, never marry someone thinking they will change. You must accept them the way they are as that is who you are marrying. If not, the marriage is about pushing the other person to be whom you want them to be and that isn't true acceptance and a realistic view.

Name: Cindy . Date: 2007-11-16 01:56:53
Subject:husband cook
Reb Moshe, do you ever make dinner for your wife and children? I was just wondering about whether it is normal for a husband to do that.
I cook for shabbos often. Well it certainly is a big help for the wife to at least cook for yourself here and there.

Name: Tzippy . Date: 2007-11-16 01:42:59
Subject:husband's tikkun
I wish my husband was as holy and nice and learned and connected to Hashem as you are.
It may not be his tikkun! You should appreciate him for who he is and not try to change him. Just support him in his direction towards finding Hashem.

I am not one to call myself 'holy,' 'nice', nor learned, especially' connected' with Hashem, but you should not wish people to be who they aren't. However, no matter who a person is, their personal connection with Hashem can always be strengthened, but it is always between him and Hashem, it is his relationship with G-d and is no ones business.

Name: single me Date: 2007-11-15 23:21:37
Subject:Amukah, 2x!
I have been to Amuka twice dovening for my other half. Whats up with that?
I am still waiting. Not complaining, just waiting.
I am sure the Rabbi is still praying for you. Please see my video taken in Amukah which speaks about bringing your bashert closer.

Name: married man soul Date: 2007-11-15 00:43:14
Subject:Trust in Marriage
My wife and I don't trust one another, What should we do?
This woman should believe that you trust her completely, that
>>>>>>>> you care, that you love her even if its all a lie for now. She
>>>>>>>> can't change also if she feels little trust and that you don't
>>>>>>>> care about her. Once she feels this, she will start to give in
>>>>>>>> the relationship.

Name: div me Date: 2007-11-14 22:40:12
Subject:Divorced with Kids
Hi Reb Moshe,

I am going through a divorce. Married a goy and did not work out. I am so hungry to learn torah, have a kosher home and kind of lost to where I should start. I just started to go to shul again and I have become involved with Chabad. any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Start with the videos on :)
How are the kids, can you get them to good jewish schools, this is most important!


Name: Rachel . Date: 2007-11-14 19:24:47
Subject:Finding Bashert
hey chag sameach!!!

I have a really imporant question for you: What is the name of the rav at who s graves people pray to find their beshert? And more importantly how would I tachles get there? Is there a bus that goes there? It s quite important to me, I am leving Israel soon, and I really want to g before I ll leave.
Thanks a zillion


The place is called "Amukah", Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel.

You could maybe take a tour bus from Jerusalem but generally, most people take a taxi there from Tzfat. As a service, I go there and pray for you for a small fee.

Name: personal private Date: 2007-11-14 19:10:19
Subject:Lesbian Relationship
First of all, I am a lesbian. I haven't been out very long. But, it is what I am. I have been waiting to find my bashert. I thought I had found her. She wanted to go to synagogue with me and I introduced her to my shul family. I even introduced her to my Rabbi and his wife!

I emailed her to tell her how I felt about everything. And she has ended contact with me.
I am very hurt.

I don't know what to pray. Or where to go from here.

I don't know how to address this question as not only do I believe but I know one can be lesbian and overcome it and marry a man with a healthier lifestyle as this is the guidence the Torah gives. Putting that aside. The Torah teaches us that the idea of basheret comes from faith. The talmud tells us never to pray for ones specific basheret but rather to find the right one from Hashem.

I am sorry for your hurt.


Name: Cindy Zilberman Date: 2007-11-14 16:56:13
I was wondering if it is kosher to kiss a guy ure only dating? is it ok to do before marriage?
we are not doing this while dating and refrain from touching. YOu see, once these senses are touched, a person looses themselves to lust and emotion rather then thinking with a clear head about the relationship and its direction. The purpose of dating is to find the right person, not to just have fun with the opposite sex. The more a person gives in to even a little of the lust beforehand, the further their true partner goes from them. The more we grow, the more we draw our other half closer. This is just one reason.