Name: Yosef Fig Date: 2009-07-21 16:50:21
Subject:minhagim switch
What is the best way for a beginner to get close to Breslov ? how to follow your minhag? prayers?
In breslov a person doesn't have to switch their minhagim. The Rebbe didn't feel this was necessary. Find a breslov teacher whos teachings make you feel good and make a personal connection with him

Name: Shimon . Date: 2007-11-20 03:51:57
Subject:chabad mezuzos
Should I buy chabad mezuzos?
well most chabad just have ari cause chabad

mezuzos are about double the
price unless they are very strong chabadniks

chabad is ari with changes

Name: miriam . Date: 2007-11-19 10:18:20
Subject:women in breslov
hi reb moshe,

i was wondering, do the breslover women also

read and learn the writings of rebbe nachman or

is it just the men?


yes it is for both. I think more breslov woman

learn things like sichos haran, likutey eitzos

and stories then Likutey Maharan but some learn

this too

Name: zev . Date: 2007-11-18 07:23:12
What is the main language of the breslov

chassidim in tsfat? and in general?

I guess you could say yiddish but not in most

breslov places as most breslovers are balai

teshuva israeli's so it would be hebrew today in

those ciricles. Mea Sharim breslov which is

standard breslov is yiddish

Name: Brian . Date: 2007-11-17 19:53:23
Subject:na nach stuff
I am very involved in na nach stuff. What do you

think about this?
The na nach thing, it isn't the main stream

breslov. You would feel more
balance if you dropped it, then you can use this

energy elsewhere.

Name: Reuvain . Date: 2007-11-17 19:20:29
Subject:breslov vs na nach
I dont know the true philosophy on Na Nach, I saw

them and I was touched.
> They seem to have such joy in all that they do.

They seem to really serve
> Hashem with Joy. I have had it said to me

though that the glorification of
> one person is like Avodah Zorah. I have thought

of this, but I have not
> come to a conclusion. Explain to me Breslov.

Mainstream Breslov. True I
> learn much with ilovetorah. How does Na Nach

unbalance me? I guess Na Nach
> is like the Meshichists of Chabad. The Yichi

Hamelech people in Chabad are
> the small and loud. They also did not

personally know the Rebbe. Many of
> them are new to Chabad and are insecure to

begin. Is Na Nach like this?
it is kinda viewed in a simular way. B'H it

brings people back to the
religion but most usually leave it as it isn't

true breslov as the Rebbe

Remember what happend when reb noson learned

first about hisbodidus. The
Rebbe stopped him from screaming it in the

streets. The same with many
things from the Rebbe, he always taught to do

things quietly and not to draw
needless attention. So it isn't our way to jump

in the streets.

There were a few chassidic movcements whos ways

were to do things loudly.
Karlinner screams their prayers & tosh is very

laud and energized but only a
few are like this. The Rebbe never was nor reb

noson. Bittle is everything.

Name: Shimmy . Date: 2007-11-16 02:31:09
Subject:breslov learning
I have recently become close to breslov. What do you recommend I learn?
try Sichos haran, Rebbe Nachman's Wisdom and Crossing the Narrow Bridge

Name: Feivel . Date: 2007-11-16 00:27:21
Subject:Chassidic Customs Book
would you by chance know of some sort of "encyclopedia" of Chassidic customs or something of that nature. I'm just curious as to the reason's behind some minhagim or differences in l'vush and such. For instance regarding tzitzis, some wear tzitzis ontop of shirt, while others wear it ontop of shirt but under a vest etc etc.

Jewish Spiritual Practices by Rabbi Buxbaum has some cute stuff in english.

Name: Shmuel Brin Date: 2007-11-15 17:51:41
Subject:Breslov Minhagim
1.tikun klali - i understand from the hakdamah in the sefer that one is supposed to say this after having a seminal emission at night while sleeping - someone told me i should say it every day regardless if that happens or not - is it the Breslov way to say it every day anyways?
2.I read in Sichos Haran and Likutei Maharan that one is not supposed to eat raw onions - cooked is fine - whats the deal with that - i heard that the Baal Shem tov ate raw onions on Shabbos but Rabbi Nachman seems to go the other way - first - is this apply only on Shabbos or also during the week and do Breslover Chassidim really do this?
3.Techeles - i davened in Breslov in Tzfat a couple of times this year and i love it there - daveinig is so high there - i noticed that many of the chassidim were wearing techeles - i have been wearing techeles since i was in 11th grade - cuz i thought they were cool - then i understood that Breslovers wear techeles - is there a mesroah in Breslov to wear Techeles - i heard rabbi nachman says you should - and does Rav Kenig wear techeles and did Rav Dorfman wear?
4. - do Breslovers follow the Mishna Berurah? - when i was in Breslov in tzfat i saw hundereds of Mishana Berurahs - does that mean that Breslovers follow the halachich rulings in there or they just have the seforim for show?
5.Also are there cetain minhagim in breslov - like how to wear your tefillin?
1. yes daily. It is a general remedy for all matters also, it builds up and will add to your purity.

2. Hmm, i stopped eating it even on shabbos. Not sure.

3. I wore for a while and then took it off. Rav Kenig says not too wear it. I don't think Rav Michel said to even though many followers do. The Rebbe didn't wear from my understanding. Generally the halacha goes by the majority so since most people live in places where techeles isn't worn... and even if it is, it is my opinion that for the long term benifits of the soul, one should refrain. There is plenty of Kedusha in the regular Tzizzis, we just have to make a good bracha and look at them for inspiration.

4. Most are studying shulchan oruch with comentaries but also mischnah brurah. Breslov is very strong in halacha. Rav Yisrael Salanter said once, if I would be chassidic, i would be breslov because of their respect for halacha.

5. on your arm and head, lol
In the chassidic way of tying on the arm from back to foward. The knot on fingers is the chassidic way.

Try to look at breslov in non extreme ways but in a very practical, balanced form. If something some breslovers do is more extreme, stick to the middle road. There is a lot of good material to learn.

Name: Berel S Date: 2007-11-15 02:40:41
Subject:Family becoming observant differnet paces
I am quickly becoming frum, far more so than my wife, who does not see herself becoming more observant than modern orthodox at any time in the future. With this imbalance that isn't likely to change in time, would it be possible for Breslov to meet our needs?
I believe your wife will enjoy breslov even more then you will. It is the
right path for you both. Give her time and patience. She should read,
Through fire and water by breslov research.

The term modern is very broad. Don't think about all these catagory things
so much and both just try to grow at your pace.

Name: New Breslover Date: 2007-11-15 00:38:26
Subject:na nach kippah
I got my first "na nach nachman meuman" yamulke and it's pretty cool.
Breslov doesn't hold by the kipah, it is only a small few that do. I would never wear it.