Name: Justin Adam Date: 2010-01-17 10:38:27

I would like to know if you believe in the miracle of the Petek given to rabbi Israel Dov Odesser?


Justin Adam
I personally do not.

Name: D Fisher Date: 2009-01-01 20:44:49
Subject:christains prayers
Do Jews believe that Christians that truly believe in G-d go to heaven? Does G-d answer Christian's prayers? Is there a penalty for Christians that try to convert Jews? Many Christians truly believe in the sanctity of the covenant between G-d and the Jewish people and will defend Jews and the state of Israel. They simply differ on the issue of Messiah.
Yes all prayers are heard but there is an idea of prayers not ascending properly due to impurities in them. Yes he answers them and hears them but since they do not believe in Hashem as the ONE and ONLY, many of these prayers are despised by him. The idea of Jewish prayer is that it is completely faithful and bringing a person to understand the ONEness. Any sense of plurality for even a Jewish persons prayer causes it to be one sent up without truth. Hashem is the ONE and ONLY. We differ on a lot more then just the Messiah.

Name: James Burton Date: 2008-12-22 15:06:33
Subject:Becoming Jewish
Must you be born into the faith to follow it and to become a jew?
A person can convert to Judaism. Unlike other religions, we don't seek out converts

Name: Garrett Shaw Date: 2008-10-13 10:28:01
Can you send me some possitive good jewish energy please?

Thank You,Your Jewish brother in LA.

Yonah Pesach
Hmmm, you don't need me for this. Every Jewish soul is totally pure, you just have to connect to your own pure soul.

Name: shira Golden Date: 2008-09-03 08:35:23
Subject:Why bad things
i have to ask u somthing....why life is unfair....why when u know somthing will make u happy god prefer to take it way from u???
As human beings we do not have the power to see what is deep within others. We don't know the complete meaning behind events. There is a story in the Gemarah of a Rabbi who before he left, promised his chavrusa that he would come to him in a dream and explain why certain bad things happened. He came and told his friend while in the other world, now that I am up here, I can't even discuss it with you as i see clearly that everything that happens is for the best.

Sometimes the lessons we learn from life are more important then if the desired results came easily.

Name: MARC FORSTER Date: 2008-08-27 20:28:50
Dear Reb Moshe,
My Mom's younger brother is close to the end of his life. He is in his eighties and now has among other ailments, pneumonia. My mother is very emotional. Are there prayers, or sayings of the Fathers that might offer some comfort to her. We are not orthodox, but of course we do have a belief in G.
Yes, it is appropriate to read from the book of psalms. You can read psalms 20 and 121 daily for comfort and belief.

Name: Scott Bierman Date: 2008-08-24 20:03:18
I have become disillusioned with organized religion. I do not deny my faith. I am reform. I however find it tough to belong to a synagogue now. The reason for this is when I tried to rejoin the congregation I was confirmed and bar mitzvah at their question to me was how much I make? My reply was that was between the IRS, an accountant if i so choose and myself. Their reasoning for this was to charge a sliding scale for dues. I said what if one lies about what they make? Being a single father with custody of my teenage son I can hardly afford my prescription co-pays, food mortgage and then to have to pay annual dues to a synagogue.

I enjoy my job. I am an EMT with 30 years in EMS. This is a talent given to me by our Lord. My schedule requires me to work every Sabbath. This includes sometimes 9 or 10 on Friday evenings and every Saturday. My shifts are 930am-730pm

My question after this long winded description is....Am I a bad Jew for all this?

I do understand my service in EMS and public safety in general as a mizpah but do not do it for that but because I enjoy my work. G-d is everywhere and I enjoy his creations everyday and consider the world and universe his temple. Am I wrong to feel this way?
Well it has always been a main part of the Reform movement to charge fees for synagoge attendance. Orthodx does request fees generally one time of a year but it is not required, if someone claims they need a seat, they are given one generally free of charge. We want to encorage synagoge attendance, not discourage it. You do need to understand though that electricity and maintnance does cost but WE MUST NEVER TURN AWAY A JEW. Especially those just starting out. I am sorry this happened to you and I want you to understand that it does not happen in all synagoges.

The Rabbis have allowed emergency doctors on call to follow their patients due to the risk of life. There are certain procedures they follow though so that they can keep Shabbos as well. I sujest you look into this so you can do both with holiness and joy!

Name: Juan Alvear Date: 2008-04-21 22:39:46
Subject:why not yeska
Hello Reb,
Let me ask you this the Jewish people do not accept Jeshua because he was not desendent born as a king right? Now he Messiah that you are waiting is he suppossed to be king and rich? Ok then take care.
There are about a thousand reasons why he could not be messiah. For one, being a lyer. For two, being a man against following Torah and three cause all the stories made up about him are totally false. Ask almost any priest in private and they couldn't look you in the eye and tell you they are confident about their religion. The commandment to worship ONE Hashem is an important one. It is the foundation of the 10 commandments. We must believe in One Hashem and One Hashem alone! We must pray only to him and not someone of flesh & blood.

Name: Claudia Ruth Howell Date: 2008-04-06 11:50:55
Reb, Why is Gd
called HaShem? What
Does That Name Mean? What about
El Shadi? that
the same as Yewah?
Thou shalt not take the name of Hashem in vain. One of the 10 commandments. Hashem is our way of saying G-D without using his holy name in vain. The names of Hashem should only be used in prayer and when instructed since most people do not know the correct times to say it. No, those two holy names have different powers but are both names of Hashem. This is not the place for me to teach the difference between them both. It is a grave error by those pretend Jews who are messianic to use the name like they do, woe to them when they meet their creator on judgement day.

Name: Avraham . Date: 2007-11-23 08:16:03
Subject:Being Strong
What makes one strong?
Emunah, Faith

Name: Rochel . Date: 2007-11-23 08:07:24
Subject:faith in what
I am having emunah (faith) and i still find it hard. Emunah in what? What
> shall i say to myself?
Too rely totally on Hashem and Him alone

Name: lisa roson Date: 2007-11-23 06:53:36
Subject:want truth
I am not technically Jewish, at least not technically as the state of Y'Israel would see it, that is having maternal lineage and therefore being a hebrew. Though I feel in my heart that Judaism is a clear truth in the world, not that it is not THE truth, only that it is my understanding that THE truth, in its completeness can only be known by G-d.

you should look into the 7 laws of noah. There is entire community and online network of people just like you and the main thing for you is these 7 laws. This is emes, truth and exactly what Hashem wants. Join and explore this your entire life and it will light up your eyes.

Name: Reuven . Date: 2007-11-18 07:21:09
Subject:Book on Emunah, Aharon Rott
I am interested in the sefer you referred to, Shulchan HaTarah by Rav
Aharon Rott. I presume it is not translated
into English, but I would like to know where I could obtain a copy in
whatever language it exists.

oh a great choice. I recommend listening to the shirim on it as the person who I learned it with had a great understanding of it. The shirim are on my audio teaching page at

You should be able to order it in book form from any religious bookstore, especially if run by chassidim, if you still have trouble, let me know. It is very famous
in israel

Name: Tzippy Long Date: 2007-11-18 04:53:56
Subject:I want more emunah
i think i'm doing good i just wanna have a lot

and I wanna be happy all the time!

you got to dance more! Do you play any music?

Maybe you can learn guitar

Name: Mendy . Date: 2007-11-18 04:26:58
Subject:confronting messianics
I saw your Video messianic judiasm a false way to
convert(awesome by the way) and I was just wondering, If you yourself have ever tried to go deeper into the material and Have you ever confronted any of these messianic jews? And also I have a friend who's into that, how do I get him out and What can I show through Torah how this is a false and Idolatry. Thank you Reb Moshe and keep up the good work.
i have and its a very sad road to take as they

are really part of a cult and very confused in


Name: Jewish . Date: 2007-11-15 23:50:42
Subject:Faith increase
One of my main problems is bitachon in Hashem .My mind is sometimes invaded
by worries, although sometimes have a rational basis, but generally I'm
tortured by thoughts.
I read a lot of tehilim ,of course I believe in Hashem but anyway it's very
difficult for me to feel every moment under Hashem ;s hasgacha. How can
improve this? I feel guilty of not totally trusting in Hashem's guidance
rachmana lizlam!
If you can help me please I will thank you very much
Hashem yazor. Rebbe Nachman says if you want to increase your emunah, you
have to talk about emunah to others.
I have a video by the kinneret which talks about emunah.

Name: Daniva . Date: 2007-11-15 23:37:52
Subject:worried about danger in Israel
now that there is a "cease fire " are things normalizing or is there sill a dangerous situation in tzafat?
There is spiritual danger as things are slow to get back to normal with Torah learning and the like.

hisbalah is rearming now you know, so we will see what happens. Safety, well, a person who fears Hashem is always safe.

Name: yossie z Date: 2007-11-15 00:03:23
I have been searching for soo many years... and I am so worn out and tired already.... I give up.... I don't even know where to turn to anymore......
I have been down many paths.... yet I am still here and lost and confused........ I have even been to the holy tzaddik
Hashem doesn't give a person a test they can't handle. what you are going through is part of your tikkun and you have to find the light in it. There is always light, always light!

Name: Sam . Date: 2007-11-14 23:44:13
Subject:Loosing Faith
Thank you so much for the prayer.
If there anything (like a prayer) I can do please let met know. I am feeling so lost and so unlucky. Please help me to find again faith.

say psalms 121, 112 daily, it will help